This memorial website was created in loving memory of our beloved boy Jim Carney Madison Ramirez.

Jim was a beautiful boy, born in London, UK on May 5th 2003. He died too early at the age of 9.

No one could ever forget his smile and his big black eyes.

At school all his little friends remember how funny and sweet he was. We still were wondering why a little boy can disappear so suddenly. As a mum, Jim was the dreamed child! Jim was cuddly and smart. Always saying to his mum and dad he loves them, always asking for a little neighbors or his cousin to come home cooking cake, eating ice-creams. Everyday I’m looking to your toys, cartoons, your bicycle, telling myself you could play again…

Jim would like to become a fireman or soccer player, his coach and us, thought he could become anything he wanted, because he was a very athletic boy.

My dear Jim, you are much loved and you will always be remembered by mummy, daddy, grandma, all the family and all your friends.

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